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Taruka Nuwakot

Taruka is a part of Nuwakot District. It lies in the south west from the headquarter of Nuwakot & North West from Kathmandu. It about 20 km far from headquarter of Nuwakot and about 75 km far from kathmandu.Taruka lies in the border of the khalte VDC Dhading District. There are about 7000(2067 data) populations in Taruka village.70% people are literacy, where most of the male are literacy than the female. Taruka is little bit back by develop. But taruka try to change its identity. It is going to be development. Most of the Tarukeli people are farmer. Their incomes are only farming. Few of the people only other emolument (like business or other job).
Taruka is famous for GORU JATRA (BULL FIGHT). This programmed used to be every maghe sankrati(Magh 1).festivals. Many thousand of people used to go to there from krm Gorkha Nuwakot Rusuwa Chitwan and other more District for observe that festivals. Taruka so famouse for goru Jatra.

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